Introduction to Korean Culture (AAS217)

A general survey of Korean culture from the earliest recorded periods to the 20th century, including painting, music, dance, ceramic art, sculpture, architecture, literature, and folklore. These are discussed in relation to the intellectual, philosophical, and religious movements of their time. Previously offered as KRH 240. Not for credit in addition to KRH 240.

Work Load: 
Regular class attendance is mandatory. There will be 4 quizzes, and 15 reading responses. You will complete a visual file, an essay, a presentation, a final exam. There will be extra credit responses.
Classroom Participation: 10% · 4 Quizzes (1 map quiz, 3 identification quizzes): 40% · 15 Reading Responses: 15% · Cultural Reportage (visual file, written essay & presentation): 15% · Final Exam: 20% · Extra Credit Responses (reviews, talks): 10%
Currently Offered Sections Instructor(s)
Spring 2016: 01-LEC Heejeong Sohn
Past Offerings Instructor(s)
Fall 2015: 01-LEC Hongkyung Kim
Spring 2015: 01-LEC Heejeong Sohn
Fall 2014: 01-LEC Heejeong Sohn
Spring 2014: 01-LEC Heejeong Sohn Section Syllabus


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