Asian and Asian American Studies Topics in the Humanities (AAS212)

Using methodologies of the Humanities disciplines, such as literature, linguistics, classics, cultural studies, philosophy, religious studies, art history and criticism, this course provides an introductory overview of important topics in Asian and Asian American Studies. Topics may range from Women in Japanese fiction to Mahatma Gandhi's impact on politics and ethics. May be repeated as the topic changes.

Work Load: 
Attendance and participation are required. Each student will lead the discussion of an assigned reading. A written presentation (3-4 pages) will be completed. There will be a late term exam. Students must write a 6-8 page critique of selected topics.
Class Participation & Attendance: 20% · Individual Presentation: 20% · Exam (late term): 30% · Media Analysis (final paper): 30%
Currently Offered Sections Instructor(s)
Spring 2016: 01-LEC Maria Nerissa Balce Cortes
Spring 2016: 02-LEC Shikaripur Sridhar
Past Offerings Instructor(s)
Summer 2015: 01-LEC Aruna Sharma
Spring 2015: 01-LEC Maria Nerissa Balce Cortes
Summer 2014: 01-LEC Aruna Sharma
Summer 2014: 02-LEC
Summer 2014: 03-LEC
Spring 2014: 01-LEC Maria Nerissa Balce Cortes Section Syllabus


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