Asian and Asian American Studies Topics in the Social Sciences (AAS211)

Using the methodologies of the social sciences disciplines of history, political science, sociology, and economics, this course provides an introductory overview of important topics in Asian and Asian American studies. May be repeated as the topic changes.

Work Load: 
Attendance and participation are required. There will be 2 midterm exams, and your choice of either a final exam or an 8-10 double-spaced page paper option. You will complete a View Share project.
Attendance & Class Participation: 10% · 2 Midterm Exams (20% each): 40% · View Share Project: 20% · Final Exam/8-10 Page Term Paper Option: 30%
Past Offerings Instructor(s)
Spring 2014: 01-LEC Peggy Christoff Section Syllabus
Fall 2013: 01-LEC Peggy Christoff
Fall 2013: 02-LEC Peggy Christoff


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