Indian Classical Dance: Bharatanatyam (AAS209)

Introduction to the basics of Bharatanatyam (South Indian classical dance) technique. Includes primary postures and basic steps, or adavus. Class also covers the theory of Bharatanatyam including hand gestures, head, neck and eye movements, as delineated in Nandikeswara's Abhinaya Darpana. Students will gain a well-rounded knowledge of the dance by studying Bharatanatyam's form, content, basic history, music, and repertoire. By the end of the class, students will learn and present short dance pieces including a Jathi (string for adavus) and a Shlokam (poem).

Work Load: 
There is a practical midterm, written midterm, and practical final (performance). You will take quizzes, and complete 3-4 performance reviews/written assignments. Class participation counts as well as attending performances outside class.
Participation: 25% · Midterm Exam (practical): 15% · Midterm Exam (written): 15% · Final Exam (practical): 20% · Performance Reviews & Assignments: 15% · Quizzes: 10%
Past Offerings Instructor(s)
Spring 2015: 01-LEC Malini Srinivasan
Spring 2014: 01-LEC Malini Srinivasan Section Syllabus


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