Introduction to Asian Studies (AAS118)

Provides students with information on subjects of common concern to people in both Asia and America, including education, health, religion and values, consumer issues, family and home, mobility (including immigration), children, careers and work, entertainment and leisure, etc. In this context, Asia as a cultured space includes India, Southeast Asia, China, Korea and Japan. Students will design their own maps and timelines to represent tongues, texts, and scripts, as well as ethnic identities. This course has been offered previously as a topic in AAS 211, AAS Topics in the Social Sciences and is not for credit in addition to the topic of the same name offered as AAS 211.

Currently Offered Sections Instructor(s)
Spring 2016: 01-LEC Peggy Christoff
Past Offerings Instructor(s)
Fall 2015: 01-LEC Peggy Christoff
Spring 2015: 01-LEC Peggy Christoff
Fall 2014: 01-LEC Peggy Christoff


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